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Why would you want a bot for? Well, To do it all through automation. Many people even pay companies a good deal of money for this. Today you learn how to do the same thing — for free — making your own bot!

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to build a bot with Python, to automate your Instagram activities so that you gain more followers and likes with minimal manual input. Along the way, you’ll learn about browser automation with Selenium.

In this tutorial, you’ll…

Money-free make your home more secure just using your pc

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How many times you are not around your computer, and there is always someone trying to use it? Do you have a sibling who can’t just mind his business? Well, using Python and Opencv2, we can make an app that will use your computer to detect anything moving around it and will send you a telegram notification whenever it detects any movement. The app can also be used as some kind of home security app for your whole house.

Tools you will need for this tutorial

  • A computer with a camera
  • Telegram
  • Python 3
  • Basic python/Opencv2 knowledge

A Computer With A Camera

Unlike cellphones, computers don’t have movement sensors. Therefore we can’t make them detect people moving around it — until now. But there is one thing all computers have, cameras. …

When good ethics meet mother luck along with the right elements, This combination can bring good results.

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A Subdomain takeover occurs when an attacker gains control over a subdomain of a target domain.Typically, this happens when the subdomain has a canonical name (CNAME) in the Domain Name System (DNS), but no host is providing content for it. This can happen because either a virtual host hasn’t been published yet or a virtual host has been removed. An attacker can take over that subdomain by providing their own virtual host and then hosting their own content for it

Subdomain Take Over(STO)

When I started doing Bug Bounty, Subdomain take overs were the kind of vulnerabilities I avoided the most. While reading this you may be asking yourself, why? Well — To be honest, in order for you to accomplish this, you need some amount of good luck. In fact, this is not the typical STO you will read about on the internet. It was just pure luck and having in place the right elements in order to get paid off this vulnerability. …

When not letting go, and fighting for your rights, payback..

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The Death Eaters

If you are a Harry Potter fan, just like my girlfriend is, you already know who these people are. Some of you might know them by their most common name — triagers.

After a while of doing Bug Bounty, you will quickly learn to be careful when answering questions to triagers. In most cases finding a bug is not the hardest part, but getting it accepted. Sure, it all depends on the kind of vulnerability itself, but if your finding is eligible for an “I don’t think this is not a real bug” ticket, trust me, you will get it. …

Get the ability to impersonate anyone you want when sending E-mails.

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I n order to do these kinds of attacks/pranks. Websites will make you pay a fee for it. Today you will learn how to make it private, secure, and free.

How many times did you dream of pranking a friend, family member, or co-worker with an import e-mail? Let us say sending out an E-mail to others that looks like is coming from Donald Trump or Obama? Well, now you can do it. Only — if you want to make pranks. …

This method for drowsiness detection is fast, efficient, and easy to implement.

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We are going to build a computer vision application that is capable of detecting drowsiness in video streams using facial landmarks with OpenCV, Python, and dlib. To build this detector, we’ll be using the eye aspect ratio (EAR), introduced by Soukupová and Čech.


Keeping it short and simple, the eye aspect ratio is an elegant solution that involves a very simple calculation based on the ratio of distances between facial landmarks of the eyes.

A story of when going black hat end up becoming white.

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A t the beginning of this pandemic, not everyone was expecting the kind of outcome it had. Too many people lost their jobs. Some even ended their love relationships because of low income, which always bring chaos into any couple. Even though I didn’t lose my job position, I was having difficulties paying my bills. For this reason, I asked my government for some help.
Unlike in the U.S, where people were getting rich off this. Some even buying Lamborghini cars. My country was only offering us 200£ to 600£, in a one-time-only offer. …

hackers don’t only hack computers for profit or harm others, often this gift can and will be use for personal purposes.

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The first thing I learned about Cybersecurity is to think differently, to think out of the box. Thinking like everyone else will mean getting the same results others are getting. In Bug Bounties using this concept will always reward you with fantastic findings, and decent rewards. Thinking and doing whatever others are doing will just give as a result, duplicates. Every problem is unique and it should be treated as such.

Why I Use My Skills In Real Life

Life is hard at it is. If you add bad friendships, family, love problems. It gets worst. I consider myself new to the hacking world, but even like that, the first thing I noticed was that this skill not only helps me to make money but also gives me many advantages over others. The way I use my knowledge in my personal life may sound unethical to some of my readers, but when it comes to safeguarding your persona, you should always come first and not the rest. Even more when you are only doing recon. I have a long ugly past with people around me — Always getting betrayed in every sense of the word. …

Using NLP and Twitter API we can build a sentiment comparison program.

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How many times do you discuss which phone is better — Apple or Android? Ferrari or Lamborghini? We can build an engine that will give us the “correct” answers to these questions, using live feedback from people all around the world. This engine collects live tweets from random users around the globe, analyzes them, and gives you back the results.

How Does The Engine Work?

  1. First, a user will input two keywords, e.g. New York and Rome.
  2. The engine will then download the latest, and in real-time tweets relating to those two keywords using the Twitter API. …

Not only websites and companies get hack, A real life story

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For some weird reason, I thought my neighbor was a secret service agent, CIA, or something similar. The way he moves, talk and behave just gave me that feeling. One night after seen him go to his garage and stayed there for hours, I knew something strange was going on. I need evidence to back up my claims, and the only thing that came to my mind was to get into his home network.


I fired up my computer, pulled out my OS CD collection and installed Kali Linux. Everything was ready, up, and running to start my adventure. Suddenly I noticed that my internet company had a blackout. Now What? Well, I needed an internet connection to Google stuff and analyze any given information. …



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