Many websites have private S3 buckets holding secrets inside. We want them.

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What Is An Amazon S3 Bucket?

The Weakest Link

hackers don’t only hack computers for profit or harm others, often this gift can and will be use for personal purposes.

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Why I Use My Skills In Real Life

Learn how to make a secure file-transfer application

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File Transfer

Using NLP and Twitter API we can build a sentiment comparison program.

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How Does The Engine Work?

  1. First, a user will input two keywords, e.g. New York and Rome.
  2. The engine will then download the latest, and in real-time tweets relating to those two keywords using the Twitter API.
  3. Next, it uses the TextBlob library for calculating…

I bet you have not. Well, read on to know about it.

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The Moon

The happiest moment for any hunter. What I did, a few strategies and resources to start with


  • I barely knew how to code
  • No computer/cyber security background
  • I’m not a native English speaker, it’s a second language for me(I speak 3 languages)
  • I suck at math

The beginning

Get the ability to impersonate anyone you want when sending E-mails.

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Let python automate your bug bounty work!

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The Domain 👨‍💻

Get real followers using your own bot

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I was tired of having to check for items myself. Now, this app does it for me and send me a message when it finds what i need.

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Note: This can also be use for other sites, not just Amazon.


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