Many websites have private S3 buckets holding secrets inside. We want them.

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What Is An Amazon S3 Bucket?

The Weakest Link

Let python automate your bug bounty work!

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The Domain 👨‍💻

Get real followers using your own bot

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I was tired of having to check for items myself. Now, this app does it for me and send me a message when it finds what i need.

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Note: This can also be use for other sites, not just Amazon.

When not letting go, and fighting for your rights, payback..

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The Death Eaters


is the assessment of a security event to determine if there is a security incident, its priority, and the need for escalation. As it relates to potential malware incidents the purpose of triaging may vary

A story of when going black hat end up becoming white.

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When good ethics meet mother luck along with the right elements, This combination can bring good results.

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A Subdomain takeover occurs when an attacker gains control over a subdomain of a target domain.Typically, this happens when the subdomain has a canonical name (CNAME) in the Domain Name System (DNS), but no host is providing content for it. This can happen because either a virtual host hasn’t been published yet or a virtual host has been removed. An attacker can take over that subdomain by providing their own virtual host and then hosting their own content for it

Subdomain Take Over(STO)

We can tell our system to send notifications directly to our phone after any tasks finish. Free and using an app we all have installed already.

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